Finding a Rehab Centre in the UK


How does alcohol rehab work?

Your residential rehab stay may begin with alcohol detox; once this has ended, your days will be jam-packed with therapy, energising activities and meetings. 

Timetable: How a typical day is structured

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Meetings
  • Fitness activities
  • Specialised treatments 
  • Talks and education around addiction

Finding a Rehab Centre in the UK

The UK provides a range of rehab centres that work relentlessly to help people overcome their addictions.

When searching for the right clinic, take time to read previous patients’ reviews of the place of choice – it gives you an understanding of what the treatment is and how suited it is for you.

Here’s a treatment centre that has a history of patient success – Castle Craig

Rehab success:

See what previous patients had to say who went through alcohol rehab:

“Before coming to Castle Craig I had never experienced a truly therapeutic community where staff and patients work together towards a common goal of recovery. For me, it has been a life-changing experience for which I have nothing but gratitude.” – Chris


Alcohol admissions to rehab – how they work:

Your first step:

It begins with acknowledging a problem with alcohol. However, recognising the signs of alcohol dependency can be difficult in a culture where heavy drinking is normalised. 

But the truth is, even moderate drinking can threaten your health. 

Those with high-functioning alcoholism may find it even harder to deal with their alcohol addiction because their ability to carry out their responsibilities makes it easier to ignore the harm it’s causing. 

You may require alcohol addiction treatment if you show some or more of these signs: 

  1. You have intense cravings or withdrawals when you don’t drink 
  2. Your family or friends have expressed concern about your drinking 
  3. Your health, career, finances or relationships have been affected by drinking 

Pros and cons of online alcohol treatment 


A highly convenient and flexible option, PRO Pathway offers the opportunity to attend treatment from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

It follows the same evidence-based, clinically proven treatment methods used in our inpatient alcohol rehab and delivered by experienced, accredited therapists. 

Research now proves the effectiveness of digitally based psychological treatments as a sound therapeutic intervention.


While this option is highly accessible, some participants may find it doesn’t provide the same peer-support benefits as face-to-face interaction within a physically present treatment community. 

However, PRO Pathway does not offer the benefits of the immersive

Nor does it establish any distance from your using environment, which means you are not taken away from triggers and temptations. A medically supervised detox is not available for online therapy unless you opt for a combined residential-online approach such as the PRO Pathway.