Cremation Services in Surrey and London

Cremation is the most common form of committal, especially for funerals in London. The cremators in London are of a very high standard and are meeting tougher regulations each year.

What to expect from crematoriums in London

There are many crematoriums in and around London and we are more than pleased to travel to the one you desire for the proposed cremation.

Crematoriums vary in price, types of committal, time-slots and memorial options after the cremation has taken place. Most crematoriums give you 30 minutes of use of the chapel to conduct the service. 

For longer services, you may wish to book the crematorium for a double slot. There is normally a music station available for use and sometimes an organist.

Cost of cremation in London

  • The lowest price comes by using a plain cardboard coffin
  • To collect the deceased from anywhere within the M25 day or night. Outside of this may occur extra costs
  • Professional fees inclusive of coffin, hearse, conductor and bearers

Cremation Fees

Fees can vary massively in price, not only for the cremation but for the entire funeral. This is why London’s Library suggests pre-planning your funeral.